13 Washington Square 1928
Alice Joyce plays snobby Mrs. DePeyster, who is horrified to learn her son Jack (George Lewis) wants to marry a...gasp!...grocer's daughter!

She fears her standing in the Social Register will be jeopardized and plots to break up Jack and his sweetheart Mary (Helen Foster) by whisking Jack off to Europe, but that plan ends when Jack doesn't show up at the boat.

Mrs. DePeyster sends her impoverished cousin (Helen Jerome Eddy) off to Europe in her place and sneaks back home, having learned that Jack and Mary plan to elope. She intends to intercept Jack when he shows up at the house for his clothes.

Things go awry when a thief (Jean Hersholt) interested in Mrs. DePeyster's paintings shows up at the house, believing that Mrs. DePeyster and her maid Matilda (ZaSu Pitts) are fellow thieves (it's a long story). When Jack and Mary show up, things get really crazy...

Director: Melville W. Brown
Cast: Jean Hersholt, Alice Joyce, George J. Lewis, Zasu Pitts, Helen Foster, Helen Jerome Eddy, Julia Swayne Gordon, Jack McDonald
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance

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Language: English intertitles
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-- Audio commentary by film historian Nora Fiore
-- Music by Tom Howe