Forbidden Hollywood Collection Volume 8
Warner Bros. has a lot of pre-Code cinema, so much that they’re up to volume 8 of their popular Forbidden Hollywood series. This latest set is especially diverse, mixing comedy and drama and settings from swanky hotels and European villas to raucous newsrooms and racetracks.

Blonde Crazy (1931) (Dir. Roy Del Ruth)
A bellboy (James Cagney) joins forces with a chambermaid (Joan Blondell) and embarks on a new career as a con artist.

Strangers May Kiss (1931) (Dir. George Fitzmaurice)
A young woman (Norma Shearer) with modern views on romance finds herself torn between a pair of beaus (Neil Hamilton and Robert Montgomery).

Hi, Nellie! (1934) (Dir. Mervyn LeRoy)
In a more lighthearted turn than usual, Paul Muni plays a newspaperman demoted to writing the love advice column after botching a big story...or so he thinks.

Dark Hazard (1934) (Dir. Alfred E. Green)
A former hotshot gambler (Edward G. Robinson) finds a second chance at success with a dog named Dark Hazard.

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