The Prisoner 1967
Before Twin Peaks and The X-Files, Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner was the definitive cult sci-fi/suspense show, and while its influence may have diminished its impact to some, many of us still find it to be one of, if not the, most enthralling televisions shows in the history of the format.

The story revolves around a man referred to only as Number Six, a former 'agent' who resigns only to wake up in a strange village somewhere on the coast where the inhabitants are referred to not by their names but by their numbers. Number Six refuses to conform and as such runs afoul of Number Two, the man in charge of the Village who wants to know why he resigned and wants to get the information out of his head. As such, Number Six wants nothing more than to escape so that he can go back to London, reclaim the identity that was taken from him, and live his life on his own terms but the Village has measures set in place to prevent that from happening and as the series unfolds it becomes obvious that there is a much larger conspiracy at work.

Full of pop art psychedelic imagery and fantastic compositions, The Prisoner was a show filled with completely surprising plot twists as one man fought against a system he couldn't see or understand to regain his identity. Number Six could trust no one while Number Two would stop at nothing to get the information out of his head.
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