Rodnik dlya zhazhdushchikh 1965
Filmed in 1965 and just as contemporary now as it was then, Yuri Ilyenko's directorial debut, A SPRING FOR THE THIRSTY, is a surreal cinematic poem from the cinematographer of Sergei Paradzhanov's 1964 SHADOWS OF FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS. (Ilyenko's best-known film, BIELAYA PTITSA S TCHORNEM PIATNOM [The White Bird Marked with Black] was made five years later and was named best film at the Moscow Film Festival.) As director-cinematographer of A SPRING FOR THE THIRSTY, Ilyenko has created a parable centering on an old man who lives a secluded life in the desert, alone with only his memories and photographs. His wellspring, once a source of joy and hope for thirsty passersby, is now rarely used. No longer able to find comfort in his memories, he turns all his photographs to face the walls. Divided into five sections A SPRING FOR THE THIRSTY is practically a silent film. From its powerful, abstract black-and-white images, however, we learn that the old man is waiting to die.

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 01:11:09 | 5.19 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Ukrainian-Russian
Subtitles: English, Russian-Ukrainian
Genre: Drama

Director: Yuri Ilyenko
Cast: Dmitri Milyutenko, Larisa Kadochnikova, Nina Alisova
Country: Soviet Union

Download A Spring for the Thirsty / A Well for the Thirsty / Rodnik dlya zhazhdushchikh / Криниця для спраглих / Родник для жаждущих (1965) DVD9:


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