Adolf Eichmann: the Secret Memoirs 2002
Alan Rosenthal was living on a kibbutz in the north while on vacation from his business administration studies at Stanford when he got a call from the States. A U.S. filmmaker making a movie on the Adolph Eichmann trial in Jerusalem needed someone in Israel to coordinate the production of the film. Rosenthal accepted the offer and covered the entire trial of the man considered responsible for the murder of over five million Jews in World War II.
Now, Rosenthal has come full circle. Almost 30 years later, Nissim Mossek, a prominent Israeli film director and editor, approached him with the idea of unique documentary film: a profile of Eichmann shown from the view of the murderer and not the victims. The film would be based largely on newly released secret memoirs recorded by a Dutch fascist journalist in Argentina in 1957, before Eichmann was caught by Mossad.
Rosenthal calls these the "assassin diaries" and claims they give a unique insight into Eichmann's motives and inner thoughts. "Unlike the `prison diaries,' which were written with an eye to the judges, these memoirs are really for the Nazis themselves: He's proud of what he does and regrets nothing," says Rosenthal adding, "He says at one point, `I only regret I wasn't harsh enough, I wasn't strong enough. And you see the result, the State of Israel came into existence and the Jewish people go on existing.'"

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