Agnes de ci de la Varda / Agnes Varda Here and There (2011) 2 x DVD9
This documentary series episodes took place in Paris, Berlin, Sete (the location of her first feature), Nantes and Portugal. Notably we get to rummage around in Chris Marker's atelier, with the man himself (unseen of course) sitting amongst a Gordian knot of cables downloading Al Jazeera TV, updating his virtual reality site, showing off his collection of Time magazines, with the infamous Bin Laden crossed out in red cover with matching versions of Hitler and Japan post Hiroshima. Here the hunter gets captured by the game when Agnes Varda becomes Audio Visual and romps around in Marker's computer game staring at a virtual sea. On to Nantes for a moving celebration of Jacques Demy by family members and Anouk Aimee strolling through Lolaville. Finally to the strains of Amalia Rodriguez we look up Manuel De Oliveira who at 102 seems sprightlier than many half his age. Again quarry turns predator when Manuel pinches Varda's camera and turns it on her while she does a little dance. Due to a lack of expertise with focus pulling Manny manages to create a fetching little pointillist number on Agnes with the raindrops on the lens pin sharp.. We are left with the clip from Angelique of the dead girl's smile and of course, as in her dance, Varda neatly sidesteps back to Marker and La Jetee in a blink of an eye.

After a trip to Berlin, Agnes lingers in the beautiful chaos of the workshop by Chris Marker. She walks in Second Life where the director who "pushes the discretion to secrecy" leads a parallel life. Then she takes the train to Nantes where we "celebrated" the twentieth anniversary of the death of Jacques Demy and fifty years of Lola: flash-mob, moving planes of the face of Anouk Aimee Pommeraye, detour construction sites where naval snort now gigantic marine mechanical and relaxing holiday, the Museum of Fine Arts. In Lieu Unique, which exhibits a current Pierrick Sorin against the grain on a 33-turns or spewing stubbornly on a screen, Agnes Varda pushes to its limits this artist who admits to "make love mariole, but a little depressed mariole". The filmmaker then went to Portugal, where Manuel de Oliveira snatched her camera and improvises a dance, before exploring one of his favorite obsessions: what has happened before and after a photo?

2 x DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 5x45min | 7.67 Gb + 5.22 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais (Dolby AC3, 2 ch)
Subtitles: English, Francais
Genre: Documentary

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