Al otro lado del espejo 1973 Spanish and French versions
Ana Olivera (Emma Cohen) is a singer-songwriter who plays jazz in nightclubs. She lives in Madeira with her father (Howard Vernon), who is secretly obsessed with her. Depressed over her coming marriage to Arturo (Wal "The Horrible Sexy Vampire" Davis), Mr. Olivera commits suicide on his daughter's wedding day. Distraught, she breaks her engagement and throws herself into her work and a series of affairs with an actor (Robert Woods), a theater director (Simon Andreu) and an aging playboy (Philippe Lemaire). Meanwhile, the selfish ghost of her father lives on inside the mirror where she first caught sight of his dead body, compelling the psychotic Ana to murder any man who vies for her heart.

In the French version (1974), Ana's father is replaced with a lesbian sister named Marie (Lina Romay), who also commits suicide upon learning of the wedding. Monique Delauanay and Ramon Ardid co-star in this version, which is basically a softcore sex film.

DVD9 + DVD5 | PAL 16:9 | 01:31:40 + 01:35:24 | 4.97 Gb + 4.31 Gb
Language: Francais or Espanol
Subtitles: English (both version), Francais (Spanish version only)
Genre: Horror


* The film (French version, 91:40)
-- 'De l'autre cote de Jess, par Alain Petit': Interview with Alain Petit (29:22)
-- Poster gallery (0:32)
-- Bonus trailers (The 'Collection Jess Franco'): 'La comtesse perverse', 'Celestine', 'Plaisir a trois', 'Venus in Furs', 'Sumuru', 'Les Inassouveies', 'Le miroir obscene'

* The film (Spanish version, 95:24)

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