Alice Sweet Alice 1976
At church on the day of her First Holy Communion, little Karen Spages (Brooke Shields, Pretty Baby) is accosted by a diminutive figure in a yellow slicker and Halloween mask. The fiend strangles the child, hides her body and sets it on fire (using a church candle), and rips a cross from her neck—a cross given to her by Father Tom (Rudolph Willrich, The Number 23), the young and popular priest in this New Jersey parish.
It's an unthinkable crime, and there is only one suspect: Karen's sister, 12-year-old Alice (Paula Sheppard, Liquid Sky), who's been moody and difficult since her parents divorced. Their mother, Catherine (Linda Miller, An Unmarried Woman), reeling from the death of her youngest child, refuses to believe Alice was responsible.
Catherine and her ex-husband have to try and prove that their daughter is not a killer—and find the person responsible before they become the next victims...

Director: Alfred Sole
Cast: Linda Miller, Mildred Clinton, Paula E. Sheppard, Tom Signorelli, Brooke Shields, Miss Lillian Roth
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

BD50 | 1080p AVC | 01:47:05 | 45.9 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English


Audio Commentaries:

-- Audio Commentary with Alfred Sole and Edward Salier seems to be the same on that was on the 88 Films release, and also features Bill Lustig from Blue Underground.

-- Audio Commentary with Richard Harland Smith is new and exclusive to this release.

Holy Terror (1080p; 1:47:13) is an alternate version of the film released in 1981 that features a different title card and what are described as minor editing differences. Arrow states this was conformed to an archival tape provided by Warner.

First Communion: Alfred Sole Remembers Alice, Sweet Alice (1080p; 18:42) is an appealing interview with the director.

Alice on My Mind (1080p; 14:59) is an interview with composer Stephen Lawrence.

In the Name of the Father (1080p; 16:02) is an interview with actor Niles McMaster.

Lost Childhood: The Locations of Alice, Sweet Alice (1080p; 16:02) is a fun tour with host and guide Michael Gingold.

Sweet Memories: Dante Tomaselli on Alice, Sweet Alice (1080p; 11:18) features filmmaker Tomaselli, who is Alfred Sole's cousin.

Deleted Scenes (1080p; 2:45) feature two brief sequences, neither with sound, that were found when the scan of the original camera negative was undertaken for this restoration. These feature brief "contextualizing" bookending sequences from the final cut to show where they fit in, and so the timing listed here includes that material as well.

Alternate Opening Titles (1080p; 1:13)

Original Trailer (1080p; 1:44)

UK TV Spot (1080p; 00:16)

Image Gallery (1080p; 6:40) is authored to Auto Advance, so have the Pause button on your remote handy in case you want to peruse any given image. You are able to chapter skip through images if you so choose.

Original Screenplay is available as PDF.

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:46:27 | 6.18 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none

• Commentary by Director Alfred Sole and Editor Edward Salier
• Photo Gallery