Alien Outlaw 1985
Jesse Jamison (Kari Anderson) is a world-class traveling sharpshooter who has fallen on some meager times. Apparently there isn't much clamor for the services of a scantily-clad woman who can shoot pumpkins blindfolded. As it turns out, financial hardship is the least of her problems.
An alien spaceship has recently landed and deployed a trio of raspy breathing, stumbling creatures intent on hunting and killing human beings.
No sooner have the slimeballs crawled out of their ship, they've claimed their first victim. They peel away his guns and begin their hunt in force, not knowing that two immovable obstacles stand in their way: Jesse, the gun-toting spitfire and Lash LaRue!
This film could have been the inspiration for Predator.

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:20:48 | 7.66 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Sci-Fi, Western

Director: Phil Smoot
Cast: Stephen Winegard, Kimberly Mauldin, Stuart Watson, Kari Anderson, Lash La Rue
Country: USA

• Commentary track with both the Writer/Director (Phil Smoot) and the Editor (Sherwood Jones)
• Meet the Legends: A one of a kind interview as Republic "B" Western Star, Sunset Carson, interviews legendary "King of the Bullwhip" Lash La Rue
• Meet the Ingenue: Sunset's behind-the-scenes interview with newcomer Kari Anderson
• Behind the News: News Conference before the filming
• Behind the scenes: Home video footage on the set of Alien Outlaw
• Trailer of The Dark Power with Lash La Rue

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