Allo Allo Complete Collection
Set in a small French town under German occupation during WW II, 'Allo 'Allo concerns the trials and tribulations of Rene Artois (Gordon Kaye). He owns a small restaurant which is a favorite among the Nazi officers. Rene has learned to survive fairly well, pimping his two waitresses for sugar and heating oil and keeping his affair with one of them away from his wife. Things take a turn for the worse though when an attractive French resistance agent informs Rene that his establishment has been chosen as their new safe house, and that he has to hide two downed British flyers.

That same day, the local German commander, Colonel Von Strohm (Richard Marner), gets in trouble too. He has stolen a painting from a nearby castle as well as an antique clock. He's planning on selling them after the war to subsidize his retirement. The problem is that Hitler has heard of the "painting of the failed Madonna with the big boobies" and wants it for his own collection. He has sent a Gestapo agent, Herr Flick (Richard Gibson), to track down the painting and shoot whomever has stolen it.

So Colonel Von Strohm forces Rene it hide the clock and painting in his cellar. With British airmen in his attic and stolen loot that Hitler wants in his basement, it's impossible for poor Rene to have the quiet life that he dreams of.

Creators: David Croft, Jeremy Lloyd
Cast: Gorden Kaye, Carmen Silvera, Vicki Michelle, Richard Marner, Kim Hartman, Guy Siner, Richard Gibson, Arthur Bostrom
Country: UK
Genre: Comedy, War

19 x DVD | NTSC 4:3 | 2487 minutes | 111 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English (closed captions)

-- Archive interviews with Gordon Kaye and other cast members
-- Retrospective specials
-- Panel discussion between people who run an Allo Allo fan club and people who find the program offensive
-- The cast of Allo Allo form the celebrity panel on the UK game show Blankety Blank
-- The cast of Allo Allo sing Under the Bridges of Paris for charity
-- Cast bios
-- and more