Amistad 1997
The word "Amistad" or more correctly, "La Amistad" means friendship. The entire storyline of the film however is based in the furthest thing from that filial relationship. During the early part of this country's history, America traded in human currency. Men, women and children were stolen, raped and beaten and murdered. Families among these innocents were shattered as sons were ripped from their mother's breast and daughters from their father's arms. To date, there has never been any public recognition that this practice was wrong. Such was the life of a slave.

Amistad takes place upon a slaveship of the same name. Spanish traders are ferrying their cargo back to the Spanish Main when, The slaves revolt and take control of the ship killing all but two men, the captain and first mate. Unable to pilot the ship, they rely on the captain to take them back to Sierra Leone. But they are tricked. After two months on the ragged course up the Eastern seaboard, the Amistad is captured by an American naval ship off the coast of Long Island and the Africans are charged with murder.

Unable to communicate with the American officials they have no idea what is happening to them and of course cannot defend themselves, let away prove that they are in fact no slaves but have been illegally captured and sold into slavery by the Spaniards. A number of parties, including the eleven year old Queen of Spain, claim rights on the prisoners, pulling out all kinds of obscure tricks and legal issues, completely ignoring the fact that these people might actually be free.

Only a backstreet property lawyer sniffs the opportunity to make it to fame and riches by uncovering the truth about these people. Upon request of a group of abolitionists he carefully picks one of the black men, Cinque, to represent the group and brings in a translator to communicate with the intelligent man, and over time he learns to respect and trust Cinque. He develops a strategy that should put an end to the prisoners’ inhuman treatment and give them back their freedom, but strong political powers are at work to prevent just that.

The trial would last for 2 full years back in 1839, and brought the United States one step closer to Civil War, with former president John Quincy Adams’ involvement in the trial playing an essential role in the outcome of the proceedings. It is a case that challenges the very foundation of the legal system, but for the Africans on trial, this is a fight for the basic right of all people – freedom.

Director: Steven Spielberg
Cast: Djimon Hounsou, Matthew McConaughey, Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, Nigel Hawthorne
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, History, Mystery

DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 02:34:34 | 7.88 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English

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• The Making of Amistad
• Theatrical Trailer