Angele 1934
Angele is one of Pagnol's rare adaptations of others' work, loosely based on Un de Baumugnes, a novel by Provencal writer Jean Giono.

Angele is the daughter of a respectable farmer, Clarius, and lives with her parents and their valet Saturnin on their farm in the South of France. Her life is turned up-side-down when she meets an attractive young town man, Louis, who is taking a holiday in the countryside. Angele knows nothing of Louis' reputation as a gigolo and allows him to seduce her. Infatuated with Louis, Angele secretly leaves her home and follows him to Marseilles. A year later, the faithful Saturnin travels to the town to try to find Angele and persuade her to return home. To his surprise, he finds that Angele has been rejected by her precious Louis and she has been forced to make a living as a prostitute. To make matters worse, she has given birth to an illegitimate child. Saturnin persuades her to return to the farm but how will the villagers and her family react to her return?

Director: Marcel Pagnol
Cast: Orane Demazis, Fernandel, Henri Poupon, Jean Servais
Country: France
Genre: Drama

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Language: French
Subtitles: English, French