Apocalypto / Апокалипсис / Апокалипто (2006) DVD9
The film introduces us to hunter Jaguar Paw, a tribesman living in the Mesoamerican jungle. His existence is idyllic: Jaguar Paw’s village prospers and he lives with his pregnant wife and child in peace and harmony.
Utopia quickly turns into hell however, when raiders led by Zero Wolf burn the village to the ground, slaughter the elders and take the men and women prisoners. Jaguar Paw manages to hide his family in an empty well before he is caught.
Jaguar Paw and the other adults in the village are marched through the jungle and taken to a barren city where the women are sold into slavery and the men are to be sacrificed.
Knowing that his wife only can survive for limited time, Jaguar Paw must find a way to escape and get back home.

DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 02:18:13 | 6.81 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Maya, Russian
Subtitles: Russian, English
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Director: Mel Gibson
Actors: Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernandez, Jonathan Brewer, Morris Birdyellowhead, Raoul Trujillo, Rodolfo Palacios

Special Features:
• Becoming Mayan: Creating Apocalypto
• Deleted scene with optional commentary by director Mel Gibson and co-writer Farhad Safinia
• Audio Commentary by Director Mel Gibson and co-writer Farhad Safinia

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