Bavarian Sex Comedy Collection
The German sex comedy was always something of an afterthought on the U. S. exploitation market. Appearing just about the same time as the advent of hardcore in the United States, films full of bratwurst and dry-humping were not very high on the playlist for most adult cinema owners and hard-nosed porn distributors. Nonetheless, the films did fill a creditable niche in the cinematic sex culture of the early to mid-1970s, playing well at drive-ins (which always had trouble screening explicit porno) and also filling out soft-core programs in parts of the country where hardcore was still forbidden.
Included on this 2-disc edition are four noteworthy examples of the sex comedy genre, a crash course in clog dancing, dirndl dresses, and rolling in the hay.
If you enjoy this type of movie,you will enjoy these. They are truly comedies.

DVD9 + DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 336 minutes | 7.86 Gb + 3.73 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Comedy


I Like the Girls Who Do
The film follows, in which a handsome young man is upset to discover that his rich uncle's partying has caught up with him. Still, every cloud has a silver lining, and it transpires that the uncle is keen for the nephew to inherit his legacy. In order to inherit a fortune our witless hero must fulfil seven tasks in the ensuing seven days.
The young man is required to call upon each of the playboy uncle's seven grieving mistresses and recover amulets from them. But the uncle has primed his hirsute fillies in advance, instructing them to teach his naпve young nephew in the ways of physical love...

Bottoms Up
This begins with a couple of spies attempting to assassinate an elderly, bespectacled professor. Their plan fails but they continue to pursue the oblivious intellectual undeterred.
As the professor and his assistant persist through the sumptuous Austrian countryside, we discover that the locals are just as keen to bump him off - the reason being, everyone wants to know his secret formula for turning cow manure into petrol.

Inn of 1000 Sins
We first meet Albert in a psychiatrist's office as he tries to get to the source of his "psychosomatic impotence" (their words). He moves past this problem thanks to an attractive woman who happened to be in the office and three years later they get married, raise and family, and Albert becomes a male prostitute. That's right, with the support of his picture-perfect family, Albert makes his living as a gigolo, engaging in his carnal high jinks at the titular inn. Amazingly, it's apparently hard to be a male hooker and balance a healthy marriage with over-emotional, possessive clients.


Run Virgin Run
In a small town with a suggestive name, young women are married to old geezers. A wind from the south occasionally blows in, infusing the geriatric males with the verve to keep the ladies satisfied and impregnated. Hence the title, see, when the wind blows, virgins are encouraged to head for the hills, lest they are preyed upon these pasty, overweight fellas. But wait—there's something afoot. Who's this young, virile stud that takes advantage of all the wives while the husbands are out in the wilderness? So what does that mean? Eventually, the entire village population will engage in incestuous relationships.

• Trailers: Sensual Incantations, Topless Tapioca Wrestling, Forbidden Desires, Taylor Wane's Erotic Games, Softcore Divas: Behind the G-Strings, The Breastford Wives, The House on Hooter Hill, The Busty Stag Collection, Dracula's Dirty Daughter, Sex Hex, Skin in the 50s, Skin in the 60s

• Run, Virgin, Run Radio Spots

• Radio Spots Clip

Download Bavarian Sex Comedy Collection: Liebesjagd durch 7 Betten / I Like the Girls Who Do (1973), Die Jungfrauen von Bumshausen / Run, Virgin, Run (1970), Ein echter Hausfrauenfreund / Inn of 1,000 Sins (1975), Auf der Alm da gibt's koa Sund / Bottoms Up (1974) DVD9 + DVD5:



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