Belgica 2016
In Belgica, we follow Frank and Jo, two Flemish brothers who are on the path of starting a legendary bar-dancing together. With success comes problems. As Belgica becomes more and more popular and crowded, the brothers need to address how to deal with criminals, and with the authorities, who can no longer turn a blind eye to the club's obvious flaunting of safety, labor and tax laws. But the worst problem is the brothers themselves: while Jo grows to become the businessman such a big venture needs, Frank constantly indulges in sex, drugs and booze, and fails to see they are no longer just a group of friends running a fun bar. Tensions grow until they come to an unavoidable head...
The soundtrack consists of 15 pieces of music by Soulwax, a band formed by two brothers from Ghent, composed specifically for the movie.

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 02:01:47 | 7.35 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Flemish, Francais
Subtitles: English, Nederlands, Francais
Genre: Drama

Director: Felix van Groeningen
Cast: Stef Aerts, Tom Vermeir, Stefaan De Winter
Country: Belgium, France

-- Making of (in flemish)
-- Trailers

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