Boris Lehman: Mes entretiens filmes / My Conversations on Film (1995 - 2013) 3 x DVD5
I began "My Conversations on Film" in 1995 at the moment I decided I wanted to stop making films. This has taken me nearly eighteen years to do!

"My Conversations on Film" act as a whole, as a balance. It's kind of my poetic art, and if you will, a lesson in cinema. "My Conversations on Film" can be seen as a manifesto of independent cinema, a cinema free from financial and professional stress, an introduction to the work filmed by Boris Lehman, or as evidence of friendship and loyalty to those close to me. These are not interviews in the strictest sense of the word, but rather, this is a film composed of small conversations that are all part of the mise en scene. The film talks about movies, naturally, but mostly explores how the cinema of Boris Lehman builds and unfolds before our eyes. It is a raw and spontaneous work, seemingly a kind of first draft, because nothing is prepared, but rather, presents chance encounters and opportunities to film. Therefore, there are many hesitations, repetitions, moments that may appear boring, but which I did not wish to remove or "clean up", as they say in the jargon of cinema, because such moments are part of the work. The film is, as Patrick Leboutte once said, a thought in the middle of being formed.

Ultimately, this film is about the art of being together. It is a gallery of portraits interwoven with the watermark of the self-portrait.

"My Conversations on Film" are composed of three chapters.
The first, from 1995, includes fifteen interviews and is accompanied with six movie clips. The second is composed of seventeen interviews conducted between 1995 and 1998 (+ seven extracts). The third covers from 1998 to 2010 and contains thirteen interviews (+ five extracts).

3 x DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:58:19 + 02:36:01 + 01:54:39 | 4.18 Gb + 4.09 Gb + 3.91 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English, Deutsch(part1)
Genre: Documentary

Chapitre I:
Dimitri De Clercq, realisateur /// Luc Remy, regisseur de theatre /// Henri Storck, cineaste /// Philippe Simon, libraire /// Jean-Marie Buchet, professeur de cinema /// Serge Meurant, poete /// Daniel Fano, journaliste, poete /// Patrick Leboutte, critique de cinema /// Francois Albera, historien de cinema /// Fabrice Revault d'Allonnes, ecrivain de cinema /// Dominique Noguez, ecrivain /// Dominique Paini, directeur de la Cinematheque francaise /// Patrick Leboutte, a Dunkerque /// Jean-Pierre Gorin, realisateur /// Boris Lehman, dans le bain

Chapitre II:
Jean Rouch, ethnologue, cineaste /// Saguenail Abramovici, cineaste /// Regina Guimaraes, poetesse /// Rachel Fajersztajn, psychalalyste /// Naum Kleiman, directeur du Musei Kino de Moscou /// Freddy Buache, directeur de la Cinematheque de Lausanne /// Jonas Mekas, directeur de l'Anthology Film Archives /// Ulrich Gregor, directeur du Forum du jeune cinema de Berlin /// Fancoise Lebrun, actrice /// Robert Kramer, cineaste /// Stephen Dwoskin, cineaste /// Noel Godin, entarteur /// Antoine-Marie Meert, directeur de la photo /// Daniel De Valck, monteur /// Claudia von Alemann, cineaste /// Nadine Wandel, cantatrice /// Boris s'enroule de pellicule

Chapitre III:
Inbal et Natalie Yalon, comediennes /// Robert Daudelin, directeur de la Cinematheque quebecoise /// Serge Ouaknine, professeur de theatre /// Micha Iampolski, professeur de litterature comparee /// Jean Rouch, cineaste /// Rene Vautier, cineaste /// Marcel Hanoun, cineaste /// Gerard Courant, cineaste /// David Perlov, professeur, cineaste /// Meriam Kerkour, plasticienne ///Charlotte Gregoire, cineaste /// Frederique Devillers, cineaste /// Catherine Libert, cineaste /// Stefanie Bodien, programmatrice/// Marie- Puck Broodthaers, galeriste ///Yael Andre, cineaste ///Nadine Wandel, cantatrice

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