Buck Rogers (1939) 2 x DVD9 70th Anniversary Edition
Piloting a dirigible on an unspecified mission in 1939, Buck and Buddy are trapped in an ice storm that guarantees death unless something drastic happens. Naturally, the zeppelin is equipped with nirvano gas which puts them into suspended animation, ensuring their survival. Five hundred years later, Buck Rogers (Buster Crabbe) and Buddy (Jackie Moran) are rescued by scientists to find the world under the despotic rule of Killer Kane (Anthony Warde) and his super gangsters. Using an arsenal of fantastic weapons created in Dr. Huer's (C. Montague Shaw) clandestine laboratory, the group attempts to seek aid from the planet Saturn to oust the tyrannical ruler only to find that his henchmen have already taken over control of the Prince of Saturn. After several harrowing adventures with the Zugg men, Buck and Buddy return to Earth only to be shot down, imprisoned and finally rescued to participate in a spectacular air battle to wrest control of the Universe from the sinister intergalactic despot.

Directors: Ford Beebe, Saul A. Goodkind
Cast: arry 'Buster' Crabbe, Constance Moore, Jackie Moran
Country: USA

2 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 02:02:41 + 00:57:33 + 00:58:21 | 7.65 Gb + 5.85 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

- "Tomorrow's World" (21:16))
- "Tragedy On Saturn" (21:05)
- "The Enemy's Stronghold" (20:45)
- "The Sky Patrol" (20:57)
- "The Phantom Plane" (21:49)
- "The Unknown Command" (20:34)
- "Primitive Urge" (18:43)
- "Revolt Of The Zuggs" (20:28)
- "Bodies Without Minds" (19:18)
- "Broken Barriers" (17:46)
- "A Prince In Bondage" (22:22)
- "War Of The Planets" (20:13)

-- "The Story Of Buck Rogers" - featurette (8:52)
-- "Buster Crabbe: All American Hero" - featurette (25:29)
-- Photo gallery (4:47)
-- Buck Rogers Radio Show: Episode 1 (1932) (15:22)
-- Buck Rogers Radio Show: Episode 2 (1932) (13:54)
-- 2009 Comic Con Buck Rogers Pane (28:58)
-- Buck Rogers Vs. the Tiger Men from Mars (1935) (7:59)

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