Cathy's Curse 1977
Cathy’s Curse begins in 1947 with a puzzling sequence showing George Gimble’s father (Peter MacNeil) rushing home to find George’s sister, Laura (Linda Koot in her only role) sitting on her bed with her doll. Laura explains to her father that her mother has left them, and has taken baby George with her. Mr. Gimble furiously packs Laura into the car and drives recklessly off until he predictably wrecks the car and both he and Laura are killed. Years later, Adult George (Alan Scarfe) returns to his father’s house and moves in with his mentally unstable wife, Vivian (Beverly Murray) and his young daughter, Cathy (Randi Allen, also her only role). While George tries to get his family adjusted to their new home, Cathy wanders up to the attic and finds a creepy doll and a creepier portrait of a young girl. The portrait is of Laura, the dead little girl who is George’s sister and, therefore, Cathy’s aunt. After adopting the doll, Cathy begins to see Laura’s image everywhere she goes. Pretty soon, she’s exhibiting strange powers of teleportation and telekinesis. As Cathy becomes more and more possessed by the spirit of Laura, she gets more and more violent. Her parents have to find a way to break the spell or risk losing Cathy forever.

Director: Eddy Matalon
Cast: Alan Scarfe, Beverly Murray, Randi Allen
Country: France, Canada
Genre: Horror

BD50 | 1080p AVC | 01:30:44, 01:21:49 | 44.7 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English


• The Film - Director's Cut (90:44)

• The Film - Alternate U.S. Release Cut (81:49)

• Audio Commentary on U.S. Cut is by BirthMoviesDeath Critic Brian Collins and Filmmaker Simon Barrett.

• Tricks and Treats: An Interview with Director Eddy Matalon (1080p; 20:16) is largely in French with English subtitles, and reveals that Matalon evidently thinks more information is presented on screen than some viewers will have gleaned.

• Cathy and Mum: An Interview with Randi Allen and Costume Designer Joyce Allen (1080p; 12:42) is an engaging interview with the actress, whose only feature film credit this is, and her mother, who did the costumes.

• Introduction to Cinematic Void Screening (1080p; 4:28) also features Brian Collins.

• Theatrical Trailer (1080p; 2:36)