Chantal Akerman - Exiles
Chantal Akerman was a filmmaker whose works are exercises in pure independence, creativity and art. Each Akerman film is a world to be explored on its own terms, and her viewers must give themselves over completely to the experience of the film and watch with an open mind. Strong themes in her films include women at work and in the home, and their relationships to men, each other, children, food, love, sex, art and storytelling. Akerman insisted convincingly that her films' modes of address rather than their stories alone are the locus of their feminist perspective (Janet Bergstrom, Sight & Sound). She forever changed the history of cinema.

"Exiles" includes four documentaries of one of the key names in modern cinema: the Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman.

4xDVD | PAL | 461 min | 20.9 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, Francais, Espanol
Subtitles: English, Francais, Espanol
Genre: Documentary

In the East, Akerman takes a great trip through Eastern Europe filming everything that impresses him, faces, streets, cars, doors, windows, men and women, young and old, passing and stopping, sitting or standing.

South filmed in the southern United States, follows in the footsteps of the lynching of a black by three white and how this tragedy is part of a mental and physical landscape.

From the Other Side, is a portrait of two diametrically opposed worlds condemned to live: first, Mexicans trying to illegally enter the US under the watchful eye of immigration services; the other hand, American citizens are wary of these migratory waves.

Finally, There, self-portrait documentary in which the filmmaker, locked in his apartment in Tel Aviv, leaving just to buy cigarettes or food, filmed around through the windows and think aloud about the events, banal and terrible, that occur during their stay in prison. Ensue childhood memories, thoughts about loneliness, Judaism and the act of creation, which eventually form a peculiar and intimate portrait of filmmaker.

Cyril Beghin As stated in the preface included in the script of this issue: "The consistency of the subjects and forms of these films makes either a sum -four tragedies gravitating around the same desolation of man by man as in a series that explores declines and the same formal obsessions. The long shots, tracking shots, extreme precision framing, the use of ambient sounds and voice of the filmmaker Chantal Akerman everything that has been inventing his work takes precedent here, to a degree of completion achieved by both the documentary genre and the use of video."

From the East / D’Est (111')
Audio - Ambient Sounds
Subtitles - None Needed

South / Sud (71')
Audio - English
Subtitles - Spanish, French

From the Other Side / De l’autre cote (100')
Audio - Spanish-English
Subtitles - English, French, Spanish

Down There / La-bas (79')
Audio - English, French
Subtitles - Spanish

Download Chantal Akerman - Exiles / Exilios: D'Est / From the East (1993), Sud / South (1999), De l'autre cote / From the Other Side (2002), La-bas / Down There (2006) 4 x DVD: