Christoph Janetzko: Lowlands
Christoph Janetzko is one of the most important German filmmakers of the post-iconic era. The title of this compilation refers to the German state of Lower Saxony where Janetzko lived and worked for longer stretches of his life. This state awarded him some funds for all three film included here. This collection is the first-ever reproduction of Janetzko’s films on DVD.

Almost all of his films are reflections of places he lived or worked in. So with some justification they could also be classified as alternative documentaries. ‘Alternative’ like in contemplative and poetic, like documents about an artificial reality, never determined by ideological views but by the expressiveness of its visions and the logic of its sequential order (River Colors, Poetry and Reggae...).

Janetzko prefers to look at surfaces, the topography of things which in turn often lends itself to more and more meditative views. Meditative views that can be experienced on different levels while watching his films (particularly in Change). In order to achieve these imagined surfaces, he often was forced to test the limits of available technology: from in-camera (Fenster) via the optical printer (SN) to digital post on analogue shots (Sisom) and back to chemistry (and sticky tape) (Axe). Arguably, he even made the first-ever Experimental Film shot in RAW and 4K (Arnos Tonlabor).

DVD5 | PAL | 123 minutes | 4.15 Gb + 3% rec
Language: none
Genre: Experimental, Documentary, Short

Titles included in the DVD:

-- S1, 1985, 15 mins
-- Vom Fluss – River Colors, 1994, 60 mins
-- Arnos Tonlabor, 2010, 8 mins
-- Self-Portrait, 2014, 42 mins, in English

Self-Portrait (2014) was conceived and produced by Janetzko exclusively for inclusion as bonus material on this DVD.

Download Christoph Janetzko: Lowlands (2014) DVD5: