Clark and McCullough Lost Comedy Classics Collection
The duo of Clark & McCullough is lesser known today than their comedy contemporaries (Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy, etc.) primarily because their many short films were considered too risque to be replayed on TV.
Clark and McCullough were a mistral wind whirling through the world of two reel comedy in the 1930s. Words like 'madcap', 'surreal' and 'zany' are often bandied about when describing them. However, such words have become platitudinous cliches to describe anything vaguely unconventional, and scarcely do justice to their fresh and fiery comic approach. For a more accurate impression, perhaps nothing sums up their comedy better than their appearance. Clad in ill-fitting, mothball-stuffed overcoats, they accessorised with painted-on glasses and crepe hair moustaches, resembling nothing so much as a couple of circus clowns who'd bluffed their way to college. In fact, this wasn't far from the truth! One-time circus performers, they mixed visual humour and slapstick chaos with the erudite wit and lack of conformity of college humour. They were misfits, but they didn't care. In fact, their mad, leering grins made it clear that they loved it!

DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:53:49 | 4.09 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Comedy, Short


THE DRUGGIST'S DILEMMA (1933): The boys set out to find a new pair of trousers for their employer, who has lost his in a poker game.

THE GAY NIGHTIES (1932): Hired as campaign managers, the boys exploit their political opponent's weakness for pretty women.

KICKIN' THE CROWN AROUND (1933): Clark and McCullough crack down on sausage smugglers during a government ban, leading to a 'wurst' case scenario.

SNUG IN THE JUG (1933): A mob boss is ready to kill when he discovers a pair of ex-cons pasting up his wanted poster all over town.

LOVE AND HISSES (1933): The fumbling duo conspire to smuggle an eloping bride past her disapproving mother.

EVERYTHING'S DUCKY (1934): A pair of traveling salesmen cook up lunch to demonstate their dynamic new frying pans, only to discover that they've roasted the family pet.

Download Clark and McCullough: Lost Comedy Classics Collection: The Druggist's Dilemma (1933), The Gay Nighties (1933), Kickin' the Crown Around (1933), Snug in the Jug (1933), Love and Hisses (1934), Everything's Ducky (1934) DVD5:


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