Critters Collection
The success of movies like Gremlins and other sci-fi based horror surounding the invasion of creepy-crawly little creatures spawned a ton of B horror flicks like this one. And to the testament of these flicks, Critters is a gem in the collection.

Critters have landed, or as they are more affectionately known as 'Krites' within the film by the alien bounty hunters seeking them out. The have razor sharp teeth, roll around like hampsters tucked into balls, shoot spikes from their backs, and have attitudes just like any other semi-intelligent space creature from beyond. Oh yes, all the right ingredients for a successful underground horror flick. And their is proof to this chemistry... otherwise they wouldn't have made 3 sequels, right?

4 x DVD9 | NTSC | 354 minutes | 30 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Critters 1
Critters (1986):
It's no picnic for the Brown family when a lethal litter of carnivorous aliens arrives unannounced at their Kansas farm. Trapped in a deadly nightmare, the terrified Browns fight for their lives against the attacking bloodthirsty monsters. But it's a losing battle until two intergalactic bounty hunters arrive, determinedito blow the hellish creatures off the planet!

Director: Stephen Herek
Cast: Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Green Bush, Scott Grimes, Billy Zane

Critters 2
Critters 2: The Main Course (1988):
It's been two years since the fiendish Critters first terrorized the town of Grovers Bend and sent the Brown family packing. But the "boy who called Critter," Brad Brown (Scott Grimes), is back... and just in time! Critter eggs have been hatching lethal litters and the bloodthirsty hairballs are eager to partake in their favourite pastime - eating. In no time, the eggs are popping open everywhere - a field full of livestock becomes a gigantic feeding ground and local residents are disappearing by the mouthful. Fortunately, three bounty hunters from space, Ug, Lee and Charlie, are flying back to eradicate the problem. but can they wipe out the Critters before Grovers Bend is erased from the map?

Director: Mick Garris
Cast: Scott Grimes, Liane Curtis, Terrence Mann, Don Keith Opper, Lindsay Parker

Critters 3
Critters 3: You Are What They Eat (1991):
As the fanged, furious furballs viciously invade an L.A. apartment building and sink their teeth into the low-rent tenants, DiCaprio leads the battle to beat back the conniving Critters and save the planet. It won't be an easy job but he's the one person the human race must depend on to destroy these terrifying alien invaders once and for all!

Director: Kristine Peterson
Cast: John Calvin, Aimee Brooks, Christian Cousins, Don Keith Opper, Leonardo DiCaprio

Critters 4
Critters 4: They're Invading Your Space (1992):
The Critters are back in this supercharged sci-fi space adventure! But these are no ordinary Critters - they're a super strain of genetically engineered mutants designed to take over the universe. This time they're hungry to conquer the galaxy with an appetite for mankind that's out of this world!

Director: Rupert Harvey
Cast: Don Keith Opper, Terrence Mann, Paul Whitthorne, Anders Hove, Angela Bassett

• Widescreen and Full Screen versions
• Alternate Ending (for Critters 1)
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