Darkroom 1989
After tackling the nightmare of murder in a small-town house located near an orange grove in 1988's "Grandmother's House", producer Nico Mastorakis returns in 1989 with "Darkroom", which presents the horror of... murder in a small-town house located near an orange grove.

It's a family weekend for Janet, who's reunited with her mother, Nora, grandfather Forrest, sister Cindy, and cousins Mark and Perry. Joining the fun is Cindy's boyfriend, Steve, who's planning for the future with his partner, trying to introduce the idea of long-term commitment.
What should be a happy reunion is quickly disrupted by the arrival of an unexpected guest: a mystery killer who photographs their unsuspecting victims before murdering them in a variety of brutal ways. As her family and friends are picked off one by one, Janet is forced to fend off the mysterious maniac, all the while uncovering unsettling secrets surrounding her family’s violent and perverse past...

Directors: Terrence O'Hara, Nico Mastorakis
Cast: Aarin Teich, Jill Pierce, Jeff Arbaugh, Sara Lee Wade, Allen Lieberman, Stella Kastner
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

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Language: English
Subtitles: English


"Developing Fear" (10:53, HD) is an interview with Aaron Teich, who shares his journey through low-budget entertainment, building camaraderie with other actors in the genre, making "Darkroom" a reunion with a few of the cast and crew. Teich reinforces the positive aspects of the shoot, which lasted only 10 days, helping the group to bond over long hours. The actor also shares tidbits about the location, which offered massive orange groves and ample opportunities for pranks.

"Exposing the Truth" (14:08, HD) sits down with Jeff Arbaugh to discuss his career as an actor, which began with a love of the theater, building his skills on the stage. "Darkroom" is actually Arbaugh's screen debut, and he speaks carefully about his work in the film, trying to emphasize its popularity with genre fans. Other employment is detailed, including work on soap operas such as "Santa Barbara" and "General Hospital." The "Darkroom" shoot is examined, which was a big experience for Arbaugh, exposed to long hours and short rehearsals, learning from his mistakes along the way. The interviewee closes with an appreciation for the movie's longevity in cult circles.

Still Gallery (2:15) collects publicity shots.

Trailer (2:48, HD)

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