Daughters of Darkness / Les levres rouges (1971) DVD9 Uncut version
Diverted during their honeymoon vacation, newlyweds Stefan (John Karlen) and Valerie (Canadian soft-core starlet Danielle Ouimet) find themselves stranded at a deserted Flemish seaside hotel. Gliding through the lobby one night is the sultry and elegant Countess Elizabeth Bathory (the enthralling Delphine Seyrig) and her slave/companion Ilona (pouty sex bomb Andrea Rau). Could this Hungarian Countess be the same Elizabeth Bathory who, centuries earlier, slaughtered hundreds of virgins in order to bathe in their blood? The hotel manager (Paul Esser) certainly finds her appearance dubious, since he vividly remembers seeing the Countess forty years prior when he was a young bellboyЕand she hasn't aged a day. Complicating matters is a cartoonish retired policeman (Georges Jamin) who takes an active interest in the Countess, especially since young women are turning up dead in the city, drained of blood...

DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 01:40:01 | 7.34 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Horror

Director: Harry Kumel
Cast: Delphine Seyrig, John Karlen, Danielle Ouimet, Andrea Rau, Paul Esser
Country: Belgium, France, West Germany

• Audio Commentary with co-writer/director Harry Kumel
• Audio Commentary with star John Karlen and journalist David Del Valle
• Locations of Darkness - Interviews with Co-Writer/Director Harry Kumel and Co-Writer/Co-Producer Pierre Drouot
• Playing the Victim - Interview with Star Danielle Ouimet
• Daughter of Darkness: interview with star Andrea Rau
• U.S. Theatrical Trailer
• 4x 30-second Radio Spots
• Poster and Still Gallery

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