Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street 1973
Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street was a made-for-TV movie by legendary American B-film director Sam Fuller (The Naked Kiss, Shock Corridor, The Big Red One, etc.) that aired in Germany in 1974 as part of Tatort, a popular and very long running cop show.
Tatort (it means "crime scene") is sort of an anthology series, with various teams of detectives from different regions of Germany working to solve crimes.

Fuller somehow managed to convince the show’s producers to allow him to write the episode in English and essentially sideline its star, a customs investigator named Kressin (Sieghardt Rupp), in favor of a one-time protagonist, an American private dick named Sandy (Glenn Corbett), who is investigating the murder of his partner (the “dead pigeon” of the title) who, in turn, was investigating a political blackmail ring.

BD50 | 1080p AVC | 02:07:55 | 45.5 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Crime, Drama

Director: Samuel Fuller
Cast: Glenn Corbett, Christa Lang, Sieghardt Rupp, Stephane Audran
Country: West Germany


-- Return To Beethoven Street: Samuel Fuller In Germany. (2015, 110 min) This documentary provides an excellent look at the film's genesis, production, and reception, as well as a general overview of Fuller's unique career, via interviews with Fuller's widow Christa Lang-Fuller and daughter Samantha, actors Eric P. Caspar and Hans C. Blumenberg, executive producer Gunter Rohrbach, directors Wim Wenders (who cast Fuller in The American Friend) and Dominik Graf, composer Irmin Schmidt (a member of Can), film scholar Janet Bergstrom, and film historian Bill Krohn. It features a great deal of behind-the-scenes footage and archival footage of Fuller at work on set and in his home office.
-- Essay by film scholar Lisa Dombrowski (11 min)
-- Essay by film curator and historian Samuel B. Prime (5 min)
-- Trailer

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