Derives n°3 avec Stephen Dwoskin
Stephen Dwoskin (1939–2012) was born in New York. His Russian grandfather was a dancer, and would have liked Stephen to become one too. At the age of nine however, Stephen Dwoskin contracted polio. He now needed mechanical appliances in order to move about. While in hospital, he began to paint book illustrations. On his release, he took up photography and after finishing school went on to study graphic design and painting. Cinema came later, in 1961, when he shot his wife’s feet for his first film, entitled Asleep.

The wind of change that swept through New York in the 1960s, a period of intense social, artistic and political protest, had a decisive influence on Stephen Dwoskin. He quickly adopted the cause of an other, non-industrial cinema, which included his own films and those of very many other artists. After he came to London in 1964, he co-founded Europe’s first film-maker’s cooperative.

His physical immobility has largely contributed to the form his cinema has taken. Using the camera, he explores the space around him, moving with his eyes. And does so with great determination and lust for life. Physical limitations have become an integral part of his artistic reflection and practice, as have the processes of image taking and editing, which he pushes to their expressive extremes.

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