Die Nibelungen 1924
Three years before director Fritz Lang delivered a hypothetical sci-fi view of Germany's future in his iconic Metropolis, he looked back on the teutonic nation's mythic past with Die Nibelungen, a fantastical five-hour epic split into two parts. Made during the middle of the Weimar Republic — that unstable political period between the end of WWI and the rise of the Nazi Party — the film was at least partially intended to bolster national spirits by celebrating traditional German lore.

Produced over a two year period, and with an amazing 31 week shooting schedule, 1924's Die Nibelungen is a grand movie of epic proportions. Based on a thirteenth century Nordic saga, this film is larger than life. It has a fire breathing dragon, treacherous dwarfs, magic swords, and barbarian attacks.

The tale was familiar to German audiences, and the Ufa production company — hoping to compete with the large-scale motion pictures coming out of Hollywood at the time — set out to make the grandest retelling yet, giving Lang an enormous budget and full use of its massive studio at Neu-Babelsberg. The result is one of the silent era's most impressive spectacles, laying the groundwork for future cinematic fantasy epics like Star Wars.

In Part One, Siegfried, the film's eponymous hero acquires the power of invincibility after slaying a dragon and bathing in the creature's blood. Later, an alliance through marriage between the hero and the royal clan of the Nibelungen turns treacherous, with Siegfried's sole weakness exploited.

In Part Two, Kriemhild's Revenge, Siegfried's widow travels to the remote land of the Huns to wed the monstrous Attila, and thereby enlist his forces in an act of vengeance that culminates in massacre, conflagration, and, under the auspices of Lang, one of the most exhilarating and terrifying end-sequences in all of cinema.

• "The Heritage of Die Nibelungen" documentary on the restoration of the film (71:25)

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