Dopo mezzanotte 2004
Almost any film would automatically be worth watching if it were set in the amazingly gorgeous Mole Antonelliana the Museum of Cinema in Turin, Italy — but After Midnight surpasses all expectations.

Giorgio Pasotti plays Martino, the sad-eyed museum worker who venerates Keaton and who has tried as best he can to approximate Keaton's world, from the witty gadgets that populated his movie sets (a record player that turns into a bar) to the actor's signature pratfalls, tics and subtle physical gags. But Martino's tightly controlled universe is shattered with the arrival of Amanda (Francesca Inaudi), a fast-food clerk who crashes into his life after dousing her boss with a vat of french fry oil. The two embark on an unlikely romance, made problematic by Amanda's volatile boyfriend, Angel (Fabio Troiano).

The film utilizes the magic of cinema to communicate emotions between the characters in an enchanting way.

Director: Davide Ferrario
Cast: Giorgio Pasotti, Francesca Inaudi, Fabio Troiano, Francesca Picozza, Silvio Orlando, Pietro Eandi, Andrea Romero, Giampiero Perone
Country: Italy
Genre: Comedy, Romance

DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:27:52 | 4.05 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Italiano, Russian
Subtitles: none

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