DVD box Pal Hollender - Video 1996-2007 (5 x DVD5)
Pal Anders Jorgen Hollender is a Swedish film director and performance artist.
Hollender is known foremost for his controversial documentaries. Pelle polis (Pelle the Policeman) (1998) that dealt with issues of power and pederasty (with autobiographical remarks) was denied airing on TVs. His 2001 documentary Buy Bye Beauty about the Swedish interference in Latvian sex industry, which included himself engaging in sexual intercourse with several prostitutes in Riga, was condemned by Latvian authorities for its contents and allegations about the proliferation of the country's sex industry following its independence.
Hollender became known through his participation in the 1998 edition of the reality show Expedition Robinson on SVT, he also participated in the 2003 edition. He has also been in television shows like Kanal 5's comedy series Grattis Varlden! that featured Filip & Fredrik.

5 x DVD5 | PAL | 6 hours
Language: Various | Subtitles: English, Svenska
Genre: Documentary, Experimental

In this DVD box you'll find videos by Pal Hollender like United States of Afghanistan, Buy Bye Beauty, Pelle Polis, Journal, Vinare but also twelve other short videos and exhibitions.

DVD 1:
United States of Afghanistan, 2004 (58 min)
This is not a report on war, but an exploration of what happened to Afghanistan, the nation we heard and read so much about following the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York 2001. Was any of it true?
Completely unprepared Pal Hollender and his friend-with-a-death-wish, Swedish pop star Olle Ljungstrom, went to Afghanistan, wrecklessly diving into the tension building up in september 2002, the anniversary of 9/11 approaching.

DVD 2:
Buy Bye Beauty, 2001 (61 min)
Sweden exploit their neighbour states twice, economically as well as on a personal level. Latvia advertise for our companies with their low levels of wages. Swedish companies throw themselves at Latvia, not to miss out on the opportunity to increase their profits at the expense of the Latvians. But our countrymen, along with all other foreign investors, are the same that most of all indulge in the consequence of the low wages, the sex industry.
Buy Bye Beauty was filmed in Riga, Latvia year 2000, before Latvia became a member of the EU. Buy Bye Beauty was aired in Sweden in 2001 causing a major national debate on exploitation, prostitution and my method of actually having sex with my interviewees in the film. In the web version all material exposing the interviewees has been left out. The full length uncensored version can only be found in my DVD box Pal Hollender - video 1996-2007 [i.e. here].

DVD 3:
Pelle Polis (Pelle Policeman), 2000 (87 min)
Pelle Polis is the nom de guerre of the first Swedish policeman to out as a gay in the '70s, and who until recently was active in the gay rights movement. Among other things, he worked to lower the age of consent. He consent. He contacted Hollender after having seen "Journal", since he was the first person that Pal the teenage boy confided in after having been abused. At that time, Pelle Polis advised him – as a representative of the police force – not to report the felony. In "Pelle Polis" their stories intertwine again.

DVD 4:
Journal (Case Record), 1996 (61 min)
Pal Hollender recounts the experience of being abused by the father of a childhood friend. In abrupt shifts he is alternately the narration's subject and object, the criminal and the case history, a fictional character and a real-life human being, apathologized and abandoned in a field of anonymous authority. He reads a Beat-style account of the abuse, sings ditties and smashes up a van (the scene of the outrage). He interviews a scruffy figure, who appears to be a pederast, about legitimacy of sex with kids. You have no reason to believe that appearances are deceiving (and perhaps they aren't when suddenly the man puts on a raincoat that says "GOD" on the back, and the camera pans to reveal Hollender – bound and gagged on a bed, naked – under the watchful eye of a second video camera, poised expectantly on a tripod.

DVD 5:
Short Videos:
-- Vinare (Whiners), 1996 (4:45 min)
-- Trying to get out of my body, 1997 (2:25 min)
-- Tid att begrunda saker du gjort som ar varre an att stjala en lekstuga (Time to contemplate things you've been up to that are worse than stealing a playground cottage), 2000 (10 min)
-- Musvideo, 1996 (25 sek)
-- Konfrontation, 1997 (14:30 min)
-- Performance, 1997 (1 min)
-- Min van Orn (Eagleboy), 2002 (12 min)
-- Clean, 2007 (2:30 min)
-- Death Equalizer, 2005 (4:45 min)
-- Hollenders Stiftelse till forman for Etiskt eller Estetiskt Krankta Kulturkonsumenter (The Artwork The Pal Hollender Foundation for Ethically or Aesthetically Offended Consumers of Culture), 2003 (3:30 min)
-- Self-Induced trauma, 2000 (14 min)
-- Sauna Massage and Bed Warm-up, 1997 (2:30 min)
-- Point of No Return, 1997 (4:15 min)

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