Ehe im Schatten 1947
Set during the rise of the Nazi regime, Elisabeth Maurer and Hans Wieland enjoy successful careers as actors in Berlin. Confident in her career, Elisabeth, who is Jewish, ignores the advice of a colleague to leave Germany in the face of increasing anti-Semitism. Believing that he can protect her if she becomes his wife, Hans convinces Elisabeth to marry him. In the following years, as Hans's career thrives, Elisabeth awaits the end of the Nazi terror which bars her from public life. When the situation worsens in 1938 with the Kristallnacht pogrom, Elisabeth decides to leave the country, but Hans, who still believes he can protect her, convinces her to stay with him.

Marriage in the Shadows was the first postwar German feature film to explicitly address the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. A sorrowful account of the true story of the Jewish actress Meta Baer Gottschalk and her non-Jewish husband Joachim, this film called on Germans to accept collective responsibility fort he anti-Semitic crimes of the Third Reich. Acclaimed in all zones of occupied Germany, ist initial release reached over ten million viewers.

Director: Kurt Maetzig
Cast: Paul Klinger, Ilse Steppat, Alfred Balthoff
Country: Germany
Genre: Drama

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:38:07 | 5.62 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Deutsch
Subtitles: English

-- Memento (DEFA-Studio fur Dokumentarfilme 1966, ca. 16 Min.)
-- Zeitzeugengesprach mit Kurt Maetzig (1999, ca. 10 Min. Ausschnitt)
-- Trailer

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