Count Dracula's Great Love 1973
Busty German quartet – sensible Karen (Haydee Politoff), catty Senta (Rosanna Yanni), fearful Elke (Mirta Miller), and Marlene (Ingrid Garbo) – meet Hungarian charmer Imre (Vic Winner) in Bistritz, Transylvania, and decide to take a sightseeing trip to the Borgo Pass where Jonathan Harker stopped on his way to Castle Dracula. Imre tells them that Dracula really existed, and that he may still hold sway over the area since the luxurious medical clinic nearby was abandoned after it was discovered that a number of patients died under Dr. Kargos' bloodletting experiments and he was hung by vigilantes (only for his body to disappear shortly after). When their carriage loses a wheel and the coachman is killed by the spooked horses, the quintet have no choice but to seek shelter in the old clinic which has been recently purchased by aristocratic Austrian doctor Wendell Marlow (Paul Naschy)...

BD50 + DVD9 | 1080p AVC, NTSC | 01:23:34 | 26.6 Gb + 5.44 Gb
Language: English, Espanol
Subtitles: English, Espanol
Genre: Horror

Director: Javier Aguirre
Cast: Paul Naschy, Rosanna Yanni, Haydee Politoff
Country: Spain

-- Audio Commentary by director Javier Aguirre and star Paul Naschy (in Spanish with English or Spanish subtitles)
-- Interview with actress Mirta Miller (8:22)
-- U.S. Theatrical Trailer (3:04)
-- Still Gallery (2:16)