Elo Havetta Collection
Of the two Slovak film directors associated with the Czech New Wave, Juraj Jakubisko is relatively well-known, while Elo Havetta remains obscure, partially because of his premature death in 1975, just three years after completing his second film.

Elo Havetta (1938-1975) graduated at the School of Industrial Arts in Bratislava in 1957. At the break of the fifties and the sixties he initiated several original film projects and, as a result, he attracted and organized a group of young artists from various art fields. Havetta was a writer, photographer, an editor in visual arts magazine, and a graphic designer.

This DVD boxed set produced by the Slovak Film Institute (SFI) includes two full-length feature films by Elo Havetta, Celebration in the Botanical Garden and Wild Lilies, three of his short films, one documentary film, press coverage, profiles of filmmakers, and photogalleries.

2 x DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 180 min | 5.98 Gb + 5.08 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Slovak
Subtitles: English, Slovak, Deutsch, Francais
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Short


Celebration in the Botanical Garden (01:23:02)
A lively and mature debut of a talented director is a colorful fairy tale, a mosaic about the need of miracles in our lives. Havetta's innovative film is inspired by naive painting, French impressionism, and silent slapstick.

• Slavnost osamelej palmy / Celebration of the lonely Palm (2005, 40 min) there are 2 versions of this documentary on the disc; one features hardcoded English subtitles, the other's got none.
• About "Celebration in the Botanical Garden" (3 pages)
• Press reviews (2 pages)
• Profiles:
-- Elo Havetta (3 pages)
-- Lubor Dohnal (2 pages)
-- Dodo Simoncic (2 pages)
-- Zdenek Liska (2, resp. 3 pages)
-- Alfred Bencic (2 pages)
• Before & after restoration (1 min)
• Photogallery (20 pages)


Wild Lilies (01:17:07)
The second and last full-length feature film by Elo Havetta ranks among the most remarkable works of Slovak cinematography. The main characters of the movie are veterans returning from World War I who want to find a home and settle down. At the same time, equally strong is their desire for freedom and the lifestyle of a hobo.

• Three short films by Elo Havetta:
-- Svata Jana (Saint Jane), 1963
-- 34 Dnu Absolutniho Klidu (34 Days of Absolute Calm), 1965
-- Predpoved: Nula (Forecast: Zero), 1965
• About "Wild Lilies" (5 pages)
• Press reviews (3 pages)
• Profiles:
-- Elo Havetta (3 pages)
-- Vincent Sikula (2, resp. 3 pages)
-- Dodo Simoncic (2 pages)
-- Zdenek Liska (2, resp. 3 pages)
-- Alfred Bencic (2 pages)
• Before & after restoration (1 min)
• Photogallery (24 pages)

Download Elo Havetta Collection: Slavnost v botanickej zahrade / Celebration in the Botanical Garden (1969), Lalie polne / Wild Lilies (1972) 2 x DVD9:



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