Esclavo de Dios / God's Slave (2013), Machsom (2013) DVD9
Ahmed, a devout Muslim in Venezuala lives a seemingly charmed life as a successful doctor with a loving family. Alas, he is burdened with the haunting memory of his principled father (often accused of being a pro-Israeli Muslim) assassinated before his eyes by a masked Israeli agent. Ahmed's path, then, is clear. Willingly selected as a sleeper terrorist, he bides his time and waits for the moment when he'll be called by Allah to commit a suicide terrorist action. David is a top Mossad agent in Argentina who lays, as if in wait, to either clean up and/or prevent terrorist acts. He is a devout Jew, similarly haunted by violent actions in his past and though he also has a family that loves him, he is so obsessed with his calling to fight terrorism that he's growing further and further away from those who care for him them most. These two men are dominated by past tragedies in their lives and are both on missions to destroy...

DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 01:31:05 | 6.73 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Espanol
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama, Thriller

Director: Joel Novoa
Cast: Mohammed Alkhaldi, Vando Villamil, Daniela Alvarado
Country: Venezuela, Argentina

-- Making-of Featurette (2:21)
-- Cast & Crew Interviews (5:49)
-- Theatrical Trailer (2:03)
-- Short film 'Machsom' (24:30) Directed by Joel Novoa
-- Trailers for 'Stations of the Cross', 'Marie's Story', 'Amour Fou', 'To Kill a Man', 'Room 514', and 'For My Father'

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