Explosive Cinema 12 Movie Collection
Budget thrills aim to bust through your television screen with Explosive Cinema, a new 12-movie set from distributors Mill Creek. 12 Crown International films are collected in this three-disc set. Full of military sharpshooters, deadly ninjas and corrupt cops, these twelve exploitative films from the drive-in era of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s deliver edge-of-your seat action sequences, fist pumping moments and frenetic stunts. The action never stops in this collection of manly movies featuring:

The Hostage 1967
Iron Angel 1964
Killpoint 1984
Low Blow 1986
Nine Deaths of the Ninja 1985
The Patriot 1986
Scorpion 1986
The Silencer 1992
The Skydivers 1963
Terror in the Jungle 1968
Top Cop 1990
Van Nuys Blvd. 1979

6 x DVD5 | NTSC | 1080 minutes | 22.2 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Drama, War, Comedy

Disc 1, Side A:
Killpoint (1984)
A police officer searching for those responsible for the rape and murder of his wife uncovers a horrifying truth behind the crime.
Low Blow (1986)
A private investigator is hired by a rich businessman to track down his missing daughter and return her home.

Disc 1, Side B:
9 Deaths of the Ninja (1985)
A busload of American tourists is taken hostage in the Philippines by a gang of drug trafficking terrorists who demand the release of one of their comrades from prison.
The Patriot (1986)
A bitter ex-Navy SEAL finds he is the only thing between a group of international terrorists and world destruction.

Disc 2, Side A:
Top Cop (1990)
A city finds it is in the grips of a ruthless drug kingpin with little hope of any respite.
The Silencer (1992)
A professional hit woman battles her vices and her enemies while tracking down the members of a child prostitution ring.

Disc 2, Side B:
Scorpion (1986)
A top counter-intelligence agent thwarts a hijacking and is assigned to protect one of the terrorists who plans to turn over evidence for a plea bargain.
Van Nuys Blvd. (1979)
A small-town youth listens to all the stories about the fun and excitement of cruising Van Nuys Boulevard and decides it's time to experience it for himself.

Disc 3, Side A:
Iron Angel (1964)
This Korean War story centers upon a squad of soldiers assigned to destroy a mortar position defending a vital road into enemy territory.
The Hostage (1967)
A young boy stumbles onto a bad situation when he takes a ride in the back of a moving van and ends up witnessing two criminals disposing of a body.

Disc 3, Side B:
Terror in the Jungle (1968)
A plane flying over the Amazon crashes into the untamed jungle, killing everyone on board except for a young boy who was traveling alone to visit his mother.
The Skydivers (1963)
The owner of a skydiving business finds his life and his livelihood in jeopardy all due to his affair with another woman.

Download Explosive Cinema 12 Movie Collection: The Hostage (1967), Iron Angel (1964), Killpoint (1984), Low Blow (1986), Nine Deaths of the Ninja (1985), The Patriot (1986), Scorpion (1986), The Silencer (1992), The Skydivers (1963), Terror in the Jungle (1968), Top Cop (1990), Van Nuys Blvd. (1979) 6 x DVD5:







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