Femme Fatale 2002
With Femme Fatale, Brian De Palma harkens back to the stylized thrillers he made early in his career, such as Dressed To Kill and Body Double.
Laure (Rebecca Romijn) is involved in a daring robbery staged at the Cannes Film Festival. Of course, things don’t go completely as planned as Laure decides to double-cross her accomplices by taking the diamonds for herself and leaving them behind to take the fall. Seven years pass and Laure is living as Lily - the wife of an American diplomat, who has been assigned to the Paris office. When an ex-paparazzo, Nicolas Bardo (Antonio Banderas), secretly takes her picture, he unleashes a deadly pursuit by her vengeance-driven and thoroughly pissed off former partners...

DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 01:54:26 | 7.66 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, Francais
Subtitles: English, Francais, Espanol
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Brian De Palma
Cast: Rebecca Romijn, Antonio Banderas, Peter Coyote
Country: France, Switzerland

-- "Visualising Femme Fatale" featurette (11:23)
-- "Femme Fatale: An Appreciation" featurette (23:42)
-- "Femme Fatale: Dressed To Kill" featurette (1:50)
-- "Behind-the-Scenes" featurette (4:41)
-- US theatrical trailer (2:19)
-- French theatrical trailer (2:04)
-- Cast and crew filmographies

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