Foolish Wives (1922) DVD9
A con man posing as a Russian count named Sergius Karamzin (Erich von Stroheim) rents a villa in Monte Carlo along with his two "cousins," Princess Olga Petschnikoff (Maude George) and Princess Vera Petschnikoff (Mae Busch), to scam rich tourists. When wealthy American diplomat Andrew J. Hughes (Rudolph Christians) and his wife Helen (Miss Du Pont) arrive in Monaco, Karamzin sets out to seduce Helen and then blackmail her into paying him to not tell her husband.

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 02:23:38 | 6.74 Gb + 3% rec
Audio: Dolby AC3, 2 ch, 192Kbps
Subtitles: English (intertitles), Francais
Genre: Drama, Silent

Director: Erich von Stroheim
Cast: Erich von Stroheim, Rudolph Christians, Miss DuPont, Maude George, Mae Busch, Dale Fuller
Country: USA

Erich von Stroheim's third feature, Foolish Wives, was 21 reels in length when it was completed in 1921. The studio eliminated one third of the film before the initial release, and this abridged version was completely retitled and reduced by half its length to 7 reels for a subsequent reissue. For over 40 years, the film was seen only in its shortest form. The present copy, assembled for The American Film Institute by Arthur Lenning, represents an attempt to reconstruct the film to a more authentic version. The original titles have been restored and much of the footage eliminated over the years has been replaced. Although still fragmentary, this is the most complete form in which Foolish Wives is known to exist today.

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