Forbidden Fruit The Golden Age of the Exploitation Pictures Volume 3
In an unusual reversal of the usual exploitation formula—in which scenes of sex, violence, and drug abuse were wrapped in a dire warning of moral degradation—the nudist film took a more positive approach to its subject matter. Arguing for the health benefits of sunlight and the detrimental effects of constrictive clothing, films such as Unashamed: A Romance and Elysia (Valley of the Nude) presented nudism as a positive lifestyle choice, and proved their point with only slightly unobstructed views of naked flesh.

But more surprising than the nudity is that Unashamed reveals itself to be a remarkably poignant drama about the unrequited love between a mixed-race woman and her employer.

Elysia is more of a straight-up propaganda piece about “the benefits derived from bathing the body in sun and air”, i.e., of outdoor nudity. The story involves a reporter sent to write a story about a nudist colony and finds himself attracted to the lifestyle.

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Language: English
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Genre: Drama, Romance

• Audio commentary for Unashamed by film historian Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
• Nudist-Land (1937, 11:01)
• Why Nudism: An Expose of Nudism (ca. 1938, 21:59)
• Hollywood Script Girl (1938, 5:29)