Four Feather Falls 1960
Long, long ago, somewhere in the desert of Kansas, USA, was a town called Four Feather Falls. It was full of mighty nice people. Most importantly, there was Sheriff Tex Tucker. Sheriff Tex wasn't alone in his lawman's status - he had two unofficial deputies in the form of his dog, Dusty, and his horse, Rocky.
Once, Tex saves the life of a little Indian boy. As a reward for finding and caring for his son, great Indian chief gave Tex four magic feathers. One gave Dusty the power of speech, another did the same for Rocky, and the other two feathers Tex uses so that his six-guns will fire automatically whenever danger threatens.
With these four magic feathers safely in his hat, Tex maintained peace in Four Feather Falls.

3 x DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 495 minutes | 6.72 Gb + 6.66 Gb + 7.21 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Animation, Family, Western

Directors: Gerry Anderson, David Elliott, Alan Pattillo
Voices: Nicholas Parsons, Kenneth Connor, Denise Bryer
Country: UK

Includes all 39 episodes: 'How It Began'; 'Kidnapped'; 'Pedro Has a Plan'; 'Pedro's Pardon'; 'A Close Shave'; 'Indian Attack'; 'Sheriff For a Day'; 'Dusty Becomes Deputy'; 'Gunrunners'; 'Trouble at Yellow Gulch'; 'Frame-Up'; 'Gold Diggers'; 'Gold is Where You Find It'; 'Trapped'; 'Best Laid Schemes...'; 'Escort'; 'The Toughest Guy in the West'; 'Ghost of a Chance'; 'Gunplay'; 'A Lawman Rides Alone'; 'Jailbreak'; 'A Little Bit of Luck'; 'Landgrabbers'; 'Once a Lawman'; 'Election Day'; 'Gunfight on Main Street'; 'A Bad Name'; 'Horse Thieves'; 'The Ma Jones Story'; 'Bandits Abroad'; 'A Cure For Everything'; 'Teething Troubles'; 'Buffalo Rocky'; 'Safe as Houses'; 'First Train Through'; 'Happy Birthday'; 'Fancy Shootin''; 'Ambush' and 'Ride 'Em Cowboy'.

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