Futebol 1998
Brazil is sometimes called the motherland of soccer. In the documentary series "Futebol", the makers try to find out why this game so deeply titillates an entire nation.

Brazil is a country with a gigantic minority complex, says one of the former soccer players. The country has everything to be rich, but still it remains poor. The only thing that makes Brazil country in the world is soccer. And that is the reason why the soccer game means so much to the Brazilians. When their favourite team loses, the supporters feel it as a personal humiliation; if the team wins, the players are put on a pedestal.

In three distinct parts, "Futebol" captures beautifully the obsession that Brazil has with the beautiful game.

4 x DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:25:03 + 01:25:26 + 01:20:50
3.48 Gb + 3.51 Gb + 3.36 Gb + 3.54 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Portuguese (interviews) and English (narration)
Subtitles: English (hardcoded for non-English parts)
Genre: Documentary

Directors: Joao Moreira Salles, Arthur Fontes
Country: Brazil

DVD 1 - The Beginning
For thousands of boys all over Brazil, football is their dream. Often this is not just a personal ambition to become a top player, but also their only chance to drag their family out of poverty. Only a fraction will succeed. One thousand five hundred boys turn up for the tryout for Flamengo, Rio's home team and the biggest in Brazil. Among them are boys like Fabricio, Jeosmar and Edmilson who we follow for two and a half years through early hopes, successes and bitter disappointments. Legendary players like Pele and Zico also reminisce on getting their own break as boys playing football in the streets.

DVD 2 - The Player
In second episode of the FUTEBOL series, Iranildo and Lucio, two young players of Flamengo, the club of Rio the Janeiro, are followed for one season. The two boys come from different backgrounds – one has been living in Rio for years, the other comes from another part of the country and feels ill at ease in the big city, where he knows no one except his teammates. In a very short time, both of them have become very rich. Suddenly, they have a fancy car, a mobile phone and of course a gorgeous girlfriend. The life they lead, however, is far from easy. Every new match, the pressure to perform is tremendous. One bad shot and they are ruthlessly booed by tens of thousands; one good pass or a goal and they are the darlings of the spectators again. The sequences with the two boys are completed and commented on by interview excerpts with famous former soccer players, who bring back memories of the days they were in the same situation.

DVD 3 - After the Match
In part three, the makers follow Paulo Cesar Lima in his tracks for one week. He is a former soccer player who in the seventies was enormously popular under the nickname 'Caju'. With his brilliant but determined style and his frivolous life style, Caju was a striking presence in Brazilian soccer before Romario and Ronaldo.
At a time before football stars, when salaries were low, and players signed blank contracts, footballers did not mix with elite society, but Caju changed all that, hanging out with nobility and celebrities all over the world, wearing show-stoppingly flashy outfits, being seen at all the top nightspots, and dating the most beautiful women - Caju was the first real football superstar. But what happens when talent fades, or worse, is forgotten? This film follows Caju today as he visits his friends, whose secretaries have never heard of him and in whose big imported cars he sits, knowing he will never be able to afford one himself.

DVD 4 - Extras
More 104 minutes of interviews.

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