Great American Frontier Double Feature: Winterhawk (1975), Grayeagle (1977)
Two sprawling adventures from the rugged frontier!

In 1848, the life of trapper John Coulter (Ben Johnson) is thrown into upheaval when his daughter Beth is kidnapped by a warrior of the Cheyenne tribe. Coulter sets out on the plains with his friend Standing Bear (Iron Eyes Cody) to rescue Beth… but as his relentless search goes on, Beth grows to respect, and then love, her captor. Also starring Lana Wood (Diamonds Are Forever) and the great Jack Elam (Rio Lobo), Grayeagle is a complex adventure in the vein of The Searchers.

When a Blackfoot chief (Michael Dante) is double-crossed in a trade for much-needed medicine for his tribe, he enacts a swift vengeance. Now on the run with a posse in hot pursuit, Chief Winterhawk must not only save the lives of his people, but his own as well. Beautiful scenic vistas highlight this Western, which features supporting roles from Dawn Wells (Gilligan’s Island) and a stable full of character actors Western fans can’t help but recognize, including Woody Strode, L.Q. Jones, and Denver Pyle.

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Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Western