Hangmen Also Die 1943
A fierce Czechoslovakian populace resists Nazi occupation in Fritz Lang's taut political thriller "Hangmen Also Die!" based on a real life incident. Set in Prague during World War II, the film depicts a city ruled by the notorious Deputy Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich, who is currently serving as the Nazi Party governor. "The Hangman" as he is known, is murdered by a Resistance assassin, Dr. Svoboda (Brian Donlevy) who is then relentlessly sought by the Nazis. Helped in his escape by a Czech girl Mascha (Anna Lee), Svoboda hides out at her family's apartment which is also a secret meeting place for Resistance members. As the search for the assassin intensifies, the Nazis round up hundreds of innocent Czech citizens to use as hostages to draw Svoboda out, including Mascha's father Prof. Novotny (Walter Brennan). One by one, the Nazis begin killing the hostages as Mascha fears for her father's safety and Svoboda considers turning himself in to save the hostages...

Director: Fritz Lang
Cast: Brian Donlevy, Walter Brennan, Anna Lee
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller, War


-- Audio commentary by film historian Richard Pena. Pena delivers another extremely informative commentary, dealing with everything from Lang's shooting style to the weirdly redacted scenes from the film's closing moments.

-- Story of a Hangman: Robert Gerwath on Reinhard Heydrich (28:33) is a really interesting 2014 featurette discussing both the historical Heydrich as well as Lang's film. Gerwath is a professor who wrote a book about Heydrich.

-- Restoration Before and After Comparison (5:02)

-- Theatrical Trailer (1:45)

BD50 | 1080p AVC | 02:15:37 | 45.3 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English

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