Hellraiser - Ultimate Collection Box Set (4 Discs) (Anchor Bay)
The face of horror changed in 1987 when author Clive Barker made his impressive debut as director when he unveiled Hellraiser to the world. Based upon his short story The Hellbound Heart the film told of pain, pleasure, desire and everything one would do to attain the delights each can offer.

It wasn't just the gory effects that grabbed attention, what made the film truly memorable was the introduction of Barker's Cenobites - creatures from hell, who have chosen to sacrifice their bodies, contort and abuse them in the pursuit of ultimate pleasure. They explore and experience things that no man has ever dreamed, until the cursed box is placed in hand, the lament configuration which has formed one of the main staples within the Hellraiser mythology.

The success of the first film ensured a successful sequel, and another, and another. To date there are eight films in total and the franchise doesn't look as though it is going to slow down any time soon. The series of films have turned the Cenobites into cinematic, horror icons, the likes of which have never been seen since. Clive Barker's extraordinary visions have disturbed and entertained for years and he has clearly demonstrated over time that he deserved to be labelled one of the greatest masters of modern horror.

In this box are enclosed 4 disks, containing the first three Hellraiser movies, (the only three that Clive Barker really had any part in the making of). The collection also contains two of Clive Barker's early short films, 'Salome' (1973) and 'The Forbidden' (1978).

4 x DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:33:22 + 01:39:04 + 01:32:34 | 30.1 + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English HoH
Genre: Horror, Thriller


In a place between pleasure and pain, there is sensual experience beyond limits. And in a world between paradise and purgatory, there is a horror that feeds the souls of evil. When Frank Cotton solves the mystery of a Chinese puzzle box he enters the world of the Cenobites, a world where the cruel sadists thrive on pain. Restored to life by the blood of his brother Larry, Frank rises to feed on the life force of others. When Larry's wife agrees to provide the sacrifices he needs, the chills are just beginning...

Hellraiser 2 - Hellbound

Kirsty Cotton is committed to a psychiatric hospital run by the strange Dr. Channard; when the doctor uncovers the secret of the Lament Configuration, he resurrects the skinless corpse of Kirsty's evil stepmother (Claire Higgins) and calls forth the legions of the damned led by Pinhead (Doug Bradley). Now, the doorway to Hell has been re-opened, the brutal Cenobites again walk the earth and the sweet suffering of evil has only just begun!

Hellraiser 3 - Hell On Earth

Ambitious reporter Joey Summerskill is changed forever when she witnesses the horrific death of a tormented teenage boy. Determined to find the truth behind the gruesome vision, she discovers the Lament Configuration Box which opens the door to the Cenobites' demonic world. Once again Pinhead walks the earth: his one desire being to reclaim the box and free himself forever from the powers of Hell...


DISC ONE: Hellraiser
• Audio Commentary with writer/director Clive Barker
• Audio Commentary with writer/director Clive Barker and actress Ashley Laurence
• "Under the Skin: Doug Bradley on Hellraiser" featurette
• "Hellraiser: Resurrection" featurette
• On-Set Interview with Clive BarkeR
• 4 Theatrical Trailers
• 5 TV Spots
• Storyboards
• Poster and Stills Gallery
• DVD-ROM: 2 Scripts (as .pdf files)
• Screensaver

DISC TWO: Hellbound: Hellraiser II
• Audio Commentary with writer Pete Atkins and director Tony Randel
• Audio Commentary with director Tony Randel, actress Ashley Laurence, and witer Peter Atkins
• "Under the Skin: Doug Bradley on Hellraiser II: Hellbound" featurette
• "Lost In The Labyrinth" featurette (produced by Clive Barker)
• On-Set Interview with Clive Barker
• On-Set Interview with Clive Barker, Tony Randel, Claire Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Imogen Boorman and Kenneth Crantham
• 4 Theatrical Trailers
• 2 TV Spots
• Poster and Stills Gallery
• DVD-ROM: Script (as .pdf file)
• Screensaver

DISC THREE: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
• Audio Commentary with director Anthony Hickox and actor Doug Bradley
• "Under the Skin: Doug Bradley on Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth" featurette
• Raising Hell On Earth: Interview with Director Anthony Hickox
• On Set interviews with Clive Barker & Doug Bradley
• Theatrical Trailer
• Poster and Stills Gallery
• Screensaver

DISC FOUR: Bonus Disc
• Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (fullscreen presentation)
• Early short film: "Clive Barker's Salome" (1973), including interviews with Clive Barker, Doug Bradley and other key players
• Early short film: "Clive Barker's The Forbidden" (1978), including interviews with Clive Barker, Doug Bradley and other key players

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