Henry Cow - Live in Vevey, Switzerland (1976) DVD5
A 75-minute video of Henry Cow performing in Vevey, Switzerland in August 1976, recorded for the Swiss TV program, Kaleidospop. This is the only known video recording of Henry Cow.

The DVD features the group live outdoors on the grass and playing a set that was representative from the time. It includes Tim Hodgkinson's two "epic" compositions, "Living in the Heart of the Beast" and "Erk Gah", and two improvisations, "Vevey 1" and "Vevey 2". Allmusic described the multi-camera work on the DVD as "pretty good" and the editing "dated", but added that "seeing the band in action, both navigating through its most complex material and engaging in collective improvisation, is quite an experience."

DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:14:10 | 2.94 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English (LinearPCM, 2 ch)
Subtitles: none
Genre: Musical

Track list:
"Beautiful As ..." (Cutler, Frith) – 6:50
"Vevey 1" (Born, Cooper, Cutler, Frith, Hodgkinson, Krause) – 8:49
"Terrible As ..." (Cutler, Frith) – 2:19
Tim speaks – 1:04
"No More Songs" (Ochs arr. Frith) – 3:48
"Living in the Heart of the Beast" (Hodgkinson) – 16:57
"Vevey 2" (Born, Cooper, Cutler, Frith, Hodgkinson, Krause) – 13:51
"March" (Frith) – 2:42
"Erk Gah" (Hodgkinson) – 18:28

Georgie Born – bass guitar, cello
Lindsay Cooper – bassoon, oboe, recorder, sopranino saxophone, piccolo, piano
Chris Cutler – drums
Fred Frith – guitar, violin, xylophone, piano, tubular bells
Tim Hodgkinson – organ, alto saxophone, clarinet
Dagmar Krause – voice

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