Dracula 1958
Christopher Lee is an imposing figure as Count Dracula- the role that made him both a star and horror movie icon. The movie opens with Jonathan Harker (John Van Eyssen) arriving at Dracula’s castle in the guise of a librarian, in a deceptive plot to destroy the vampire count. Unfortunately, Harker falls victim to Dracula, but not before Harker dispatches his vampire bride. As retribution Dracula journeys to England where he transforms Harker’s fiancee Lucy (Carol Marsh) into a vampire. Doctor Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) was well aware of Harker’s efforts to destroy Dracula and recognizes the vampire’s handiwork when Lucy rises from her crypt. After Lucy’s brother Arthur Holmwood (Michael Gough) allows Van Helsing to terminate her vampire existence, Dracula then turns his attentions towards Holmwood’s wife Mina (Melissa Stribling).

The release contains two versions of the feature - the 2007 BFI restoration plus the 2012 Hammer restoration, which adds additional footage that has been unavailable for decades.

2 x DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:19:01 | 7.42 Gb + 6.95 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Horror

Director: Terence Fisher
Cast: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Michael Gough
Country: UK


*The Film - BFI 2007 restoration (78:53)
*The Film - Hammer 2012 restoration (79:01)
• Audio commentary with Hammer historian Marcus Hearn and film critic/actor Jonathan Rigby

• 'Dracula Reborn - The Making of a Hammer Classic' - New documentary featuring writer/director Jimmy Sangster, writer/actor Mark Gatiss, film critic/actor Jonathan Rigby, writer/film critic Kim Newman and actress Janina Faye (30:32)
• 'Resurrecting Dracula - New documentary about the film's restoration including the integration of the recently discovered 'Lost Footage' featuring interviews with key staff at the BFI, Molinare and Deluxe142 (16:56)
• 'The Demon Lover' - writer/film historian Christopher Frayling on "Dracula" (27:48)
• 'Censoring Dracula' - New documentary on the original cuts to the film ordered by the BBFC (9:15)
• Unrestored Japanese film reels 6-9 (35:01)
• "The World Of Hammer: Dracula And The Undead" (24:53)
• 'Janina Faye Reads Stoker' - This was prior to a screening of the restored film in February 2012, introduced by writer/film critic Kim Newman (12:18)
• Stills Gallery of over 100 fully-restored and rare images

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