If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium 1969
Mel Stuart directed this wonderful road comedy that pokes fun at all sorts of different cliches about American tourists and the ways they behave while they visit foreign countries. It ranks amongst the very best of its kind.

Their dream vacation will last 18 days. It will start in London and end in Rome. Along the way they will stop in France, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. Then they will get on a plane in Italy and fly back to the States where they will resume their boring lives.

They all have different plans. Samantha (Suzanne Pleshette, Hot Stuff) is engaged and will use the trip to think about her future. She also secretly hopes to have a few unforgettable rendezvous. John (Sandy Baron, Birdy) will be meeting distant relatives in Italy which he has never seen before. Jack (Michael Constantine, The Hustler) wants to show his friend Freda (Pamela Britton, D.O.A.) where he fought the Germans during WW2. Harve (Norman Fell, The Graduate) plans to follow his wife Irma (Reva Rose), who wants to make plenty of new friends. Bert (Marty Ingels) has promised his drinking pals that he will sleep with as many foreign girls as he can and bring back a pile of pictures. Jenny (Mildred Natwick, The Trouble with Harry) plans to dine and wine in style. Harry (Aubrey Morris, A Clockwork Orange) collects souvenirs and will be bringing back as many as he can get -- without paying for them.

Director: Mel Stuart
Cast: Suzanne Pleshette, Ian McShane, Vittorio De Sica, Murray Hamilton, Sandy Baron
Country: USA

BD25 | 1080p AVC | 01:38:30 | 22.9 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Romance

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