Il cinema di Pietro Marcello
Pietro Marcello is one of the most original talents to emerge from Italian cinema in the last decade. With this cinematheque-style DVD, subtitled in English and French, Marcello, whose work is still under-appreciated outside Italy, receives his rightful chance for global recognition.

Marcello's style is personal and unique: his cinema is documentary, but not realistic or naturalistic. His films constitute a bridge between the sheer power of the objective world and linguistic experimentation. The results approach what Pasolini called "cinema of poetry".

This edition of DVD collects his four films: Crossing the Line, a journey on little-traveled night trains; The Mouth of the wolf, a love song to the city of Genoa and its outcasts; The Silence of Pelesjan, a film-essay dedicated to the Armenian director Artavazd Pelesjan; Lost and Beautiful, half fairy tale and half documentary focusing on a shepherd.

Marcello's films are made of inquiries and chance meetings, a 'Rossellini-style' work on the pictorial composition of the image, archival materials, and creative editing. Marcello looks at the past and sings the praises of the wretched with the same romantic inspiration. Something forgotten: this is what his images evoke and love. It is a cinema that never stands still: the memory of the image looks at the future with both fear and hope.

2 x DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 6.88 Gb + 6.79 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Italiano
Subtitles: English, Francais
Genre: Documentary, Biography, Drama, Romance, Fantasy

-- Crossing the Line (00:56:19)
-- The Mouth of the Wolf (01:07:40)
-- Interviews
-- Photogallery
-- Archival Footage

-- The Silence of Pelesjan (00:49:46)
-- Lost and Beautiful (01:24:04)
-- Interview with Tommaso Cestrone

Download Il cinema di Pietro Marcello. Memoria dell'immagine: Il passaggio della linea / Crossing the Line (2007), La bocca del lupo / The Mouth of the Wolf (2009), Il silenzio di Pelesjan / The Silence of Pelesjan (2011), Bella e perduta / Lost and Beautiful (2015) 2 x DVD9: