Il mostro dell'opera / L'orgie des vampires / The Monster of the Opera (1964) DVD9
The young director Sandro finds an abandoned theater for its new avant-garde productions. The elderly caretaker living in the old station building Achilles warns him of the dangers lurking in the walls. Many years ago the theater ceased to be used for its intended purpose because it completely disappeared young actresses. Meanwhile theatrical prima Julia begins to see strange dreams in which it pursues fanged vampire. When it hits the building of the new-old opera theater, she realizes that dreamed it was his...

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:20:10 | 5.72 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Italiano, Francais
Subtitles: English, Francais
Genre: Horror

Director: Renato Polselli
Cast: Marco Mariani, Giuseppe Addobbati, Barbara Howard
Country: Italy

- Polselli and vampires, by Alain Petit (25 mins)
- Slideshow
- Trailers

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