James A. Fitzpatrick Traveltalks Shorts Volume 3The third and final volume of these incredible travel shorts explores pre-war New Orleans, post-war West Germany, and everywhere in between. Discover the world at that particularly catastrophic moment in history, and the effects it had all over the globe.

The three disc set literally goes all over the map, even from film-to-film. If you sit down to watch several shorts in one sitting, you can go from Brazil and New Zealand to the Andes and the Taj Mahal within an hour. In a world where jet set travel had not yet reached its peak, and focus was on World War II and postwar recovery, seeing places like these before the nightly matinee must have been stunning.
Today the films still impress, though more for the efficient time capsule they provide. The Traveltalks recall life at a slower pace. There are fewer cars and people, and you can even see that the cities have cleaner, clearer air. Overviews of big cities like Chicago and New York are juxtaposed with scenic shots of National Parks and natural wonders, the urban spots in particular almost appearing to be from another world because of the distance of time.

3 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 597 minutes | 22.5 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Documentary, Short

Disc 1
1940 Old New Orleans
1942 Memories Of Australia
1944 Land Of The Mayas
1945 Visiting Vera Cruz
1946 The Mission Trail
1946 Looking At London
1946 Over The Seas To Belfast
1946 Glimpses Of California
1946 Calling On Costa Rica
1946 Around The World In California
1946 On The Shores Of Nova Scotia
1947 Glimpses Of New Scotland
1947 Visiting Virginia
1947 Cradle Of A Nation
1946 Cape Breton Island
1948 Chicago The Beautiful
1947 Wandering Through Wales
1948 Night Life In Chicago
1947 Scholastic England
1949 Ontario, Land Of Lakes
1948 Calling On Michigan
1949 Playlands Of Michigan
1949 Quebec In Summertime

Disc 2
1947 Roaming Through Northern Ireland
1946 From Liverpool To Stratford
1947 Glimpses Of Old England
1949 In Old Amsterdam
1947 A Wee Bit Of Scotland
1947 Land Of Tradition
1949 Colorful Holland
1947 Pastoral Panoramas
1949 Roaming Through Michigan
1947 To The Coast Of Devon
1947 Touring Northern England
1946 Land Of Auld Lang Syne
1947 Life On The Thames
1950 Egypt Speaks ***
1950 Voices Of Venice ***
1950 Springtime In The Netherlands
1950 Land Of Zuider Zee
1951 A Word For The Greeks
1951 Romantic Riviera
1951 Glimpses Of Morocco And Algiers
1951 Visiting Italy
1952 Glimpses Of Argentina
*** These two titles are not Traveltalks, but are of a short lived Fitzpatrick series People On Parade

Disc 3
1952 Beautiful Brazil
1952 Picturesque New Zealand
1952 Life In The Andes
1952 Land Of The Taj Mahal
1952 Jasper National Park
1952 Seeing Ceylon
1952 Ancient India
1953 Pretoria To Durban
1953 In The Land Of Diamonds
1953 Calling On Cape Town
1953 Land Of Ugly Duckling
1953 Beautiful Bavaria
1953 Johannesburg - "City Of Gold"
1953 Delightful Denmark
1953 Copenhagen "City Of Towers"
1953 Seeing Spain
1953 In The Valley Of The Rhine
1953 Looking At Lisbon
1953 Glimpses Of Western Germany
1949 Mighty Manhattan, New York's Wonder City
(not an official Traveltalk, but in the same format and twice as long as a normal Traveltalk)
1950 Rome - The Eternal City
(not a Traveltalk, MGM release, not produced or directed by James A Fitzpatrick