Young and Beautiful 2013
Following the well-received In The House, Francois Ozon returns with yet another voyeuristic character study with Jeune & Jolie (Young and Beautiful). Over the course of four weather seasons, the film follows a sexually driven adolescent striving to discover herself while pushing boundaries that society sets in front of her.

One summer, Isabelle, 16, is on holiday with her family on the French Riviera. Encouraged by her hedonistic parents, she allows an attractive young man to rob her of her virginity, but she takes no pleasure in the experience and sees no real significance in it. The following autumn, Isabelle, now 17, is a fully fledged Parisian prostitute, although naturally she keeps this fact from her parents. Between leaving school and returning to her comfortable middleclass home, she arranges to meet up with her clients at various hotels, clients she has no difficulty attracting over the internet.

Throughout, she remains curiously aloof, showing little interest in the encounters themselves or the money she makes, while Ozon slyly refrains from offering easy answers. As the enigmatic Isabelle, Marine Vacth is magnetic, delivering a star-making breakout performance in this sleek and sexy coming-of-age drama.

Director: Francois Ozon
Cast: Marine Vacth, Geraldine Pailhas, Frederic Pierrot, Fantin Ravat, Johan Leysen, Charlotte Rampling, Nathalie Richard, Djedje Apali, Lucas Prisor, Laurent Delbecque, Jeanne Ruff
Country: France
Genre: Drama, Romance

DVD5 | NTSC 16:9 | 01:33:15 | 4.11 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English, Espanol

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DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:29:20 | 6.89 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English, Nederlands

Extras (In French with Dutch subs only):
• Interviews with Francois Ozon, Marine Vacth and Geraldine Pailhas (24:13)
• Deleted scenes (06:41)
• "Costume Tests" featurette (03:37)
• "Jeune & Jolie at Cannes" featurette (1:53)
• Poster Slideshow (1:49)
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BD25 | 1080p AVC | 01:33:18 | 22.7 Gb + 3% rec
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Chinese

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