Jorgen Leth Collection 12-18: Travel Films
For five decades, Jorgen Leth has been one of the most distinctive artists in Danish cinema. His collected works are now being made available on DVD. This third box set in the series contains Leth's travel films.

"Images have a primary quality for me ahead of the story", Leth once said. "I like it when the observed subject can be perceived breathing through the image". In his travel films, the director is again an anthropologist observing the world with detached intensity and refraining from analysis. This role of ostensibly unknowing, curious spectator is characteristic of Leth.

66 Scenes from America (1981), the earliest film in the box set, shows snapshots of archetypical American locations motels, diners, highways, a lone cactus iconographic images of a mythological country presented in bright postcard colours, sanitized, like the myth of America. In the latest film, Aarhus (2005), Leth travels back to the city of his childhood, whose familiar locales are likewise captured in the director's trademark tableau style. In between, we find his Haitian films. For years, Leth has lived in Haiti, a country that enthrals him and gives him the "feeling of personally delving beneath the surface, into chaos". Chaos is reflected in the raw, documentary style of these films, a far cry from his American postcards or Notebook from China (1987), confronting unknown territory with fresh eyes and no agenda. In a similar vein, his film about Homo ludens, Moments of Play (1986), documents people at play around the globe, including the filmmaker's own game with reality.

3 x DVD9 | PAL | 468 min. | 6.28 Gb + 7.56 Gb + 7.49 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Dansk
Subtitles: English, Dansk
Genre: Documentary, Short

12. 66 scener fra Amerika / 66 Scenes from America (1981), 42'
13. Nye scener fra Amerika / New Scenes from America (2002), 35'
--. Gadeartister i New York / New York Street Performers (1982), 34'

14. Notater fra Kina / Notebook from China (1987), 79'
-- Udvalgte ord fra tog / Selected Words from a Train (1989), 7'
15. Det legende menneske / Moments of Playl (1986), 82'
16. Aarhus (2005), 27'

17. Haiti. Uden titel / Haiti. Untitled (1996), 82'
18. Drommere / Dreamers (2002), 58'
--. Jorgen Leth om "Haiti. Uden titel" / Jorgen Leth about "Haiti. Untitled" (1995), 9'
--. Ra-ra (1994/2008), 13'

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